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Resident-Fellow Award

The Resident-Fellow Award recognizes the Best Oral or Poster presentation by a resident or fellow. The winner will receive $500. 
The top 5 scoring abstracts will be judged by the Program Committee. 

Judging will be based upon the total merits of a presentation with particular emphasis upon the following, which will be numerically scored from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest = winning the first prize).

  1. Professionalism of Presentation: Smoothness, clarity of expression, audibility, understandability, etc.

  2. Content: i.e., is this something new as opposed to synthesis of observations/ experiments of others?

  3. Clinical Applicability: i.e., can ideas of this paper be applied directly to diagnosis and improved patient care?

  4. Appearance of Audiovisual Materials

Past Award Winners


Matthew Salvino MD


Bradley S. Kushner MD


Desmond T. Huynh MD


Kathryn Schlosser MD

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