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Research Grants

The American Hernia Society is pleased to offer three funding opportunities to promote research in the field of hernia surgery!

AHS Early Career Development Grant - $30,000
Purpose: To attract promising and skilled surgeons early in their careers to give them the opportunity to establish themselves in areas that reflect hernia research
Eligibility: Open to Junior Faculty (less than 5 years post-training)

AHS Basic Science Hernia Research - $20,000
Purpose: To highlight the importance of science for the future of hernia surgery and to stimulate awareness of surgeon scientist careers.
Eligibility: Open to surgeons, out of training, with a minimum of 20% protected time verified by department chair to conduct said research

AHS Disparities in Hernia Care Grant - $20,000
Purpose: To advance research in health disparities research in hernia surgery and to improve outcomes for minority health populations.
Eligibility: Open to surgeons, out of training    

Application Checklist

Each application will require the following materials:

  • Brief Personal Statement (350 words or less)

  • NIH Biosketch

  • Research Proposal

    • Format: 3 pages maximum with figures embedded; excluding references, minimum 11 point Arial font with 0.5 inch margins; exceptions for figure legends which must be reasonably legible)

    • Project narrative (NIH Format, limit 3 sentences)

    • Background information & Preliminary Data (embedded figures and tables – limit 5)

    • Specific aims

    • Methods and design

  • Significance/Innovation

  • Budget Justification (1 page. Note - funds must only be used for direct costs, pdf file)

  • Literature Cited (pdf file)

  • Appropriate Institutional Approvals (i.e. IRB, IACUC, pdf file)

  • 2 Letters of Support (1 must be from department chair, pdf files)

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