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Policy on Use of AHS Logo and Affiliation Statements

AHS intends to protect the use of its logo, as reproduced above, and to control the manner in which members and others may promote their affiliation with or sponsorship by AHS. In order to accomplish this, the Board of Directors adopts the following policies and procedures:

(1) AHS shall claim a trademark right in the AHS logo, including, among other ways, by using the abbreviation SM (for service mark) as a superscript in association with the AHS logo. The Executive Director should undertake reasonable efforts to convert existing uses of the AHS logo to uses with the SM superscript. All uses of the AHS logo following the adoption of this policy shall include the use of the SM superscript text. The Executive Director shall consult with AHS's legal counsel for proper and best practices concerning trademark claims with respect to the AHS logo;

(2)AHS members are permitted to use the AHS logo in printed and electronic materials only as follows:

a. Members in good standing with AHS may use the AHS logo in association with text or any other context that clearly and unambiguously claims that the person using the logo is a member of AHS;

b. Members may not use the AHS logo in association with any claim, made expressly or that can be fairly inferred from the member's use of the AHS logo, that AHS sponsors or approves the member or any medical or business practice of the member; a member may not claim or imply, through use of the AHS logo, or otherwise, that the member is a partner with or of AHS, that AHS sponsors the member in any way, or that AHS approves of any practice, method, or any other activity or position of the member; and

c. Any member who uses the AHS logo contrary to these policies, as determined in the sole and absolute discretion of AHS, shall upon AHS's notice to him or her immediately stop using the AHS logo in any manner, including, without limitation, by immediately removing the AHS logo from websites, blogs, email signatures and letterhead, and stopping circulation of any printed materials containing the AHS logo;

(3) Any person who is not an AHS member may not use the AHS logo in any manner or for any purpose without the express, written permission of AHS which shall be granted or withheld in AHS's sole and absolute discretion. Permission to use the AHS logo will only be given if the use accurately and fairly represents AHS's position and relationship to the person seeking to use the AHS logo. Permission to use the AHS logo to state or imply that AHS has sponsored or affiliated with another person will only be granted both if the statement or implication is true and AHS has determined in its sole and absolute discretion that it is in its own interests to allow the AHS logo to be used in association with the person and the statement or implication;

(4) All requests for permission to use the AHS logo shall be directed to American Hernia Society, 444 East Algonquin Road, Arlington Heights, IL 60005-4664 or email at; and

(5) This policy shall be posted on the AHS website so that it is accessible to both members and non-members of AHS.