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Practice Advisories

The American Hernia Society is dedicated to advancing science through research and education for the prevention and management of inguinal and ventral hernias. As a part of the AHS mission to remain at the forefront of ensuring high-quality patient care, a Practice Advisory Committee was formed to provide guidance about what the Society believes to be "best practices" in hernia surgery. The committee includes a diverse group of dedicated surgeons from various practice settings and career levels. Advisories will be developed by the work of the committee and ratified by the Board of Governors. Each advisory will be researched, discussed and reviewed by the committee and subsequently approved by the board. Once approved by the board, the advisories will be uploaded to the AHS website for use by the members.

Practice advisories reflect the consensus of American Hernia Society and its leadership. Practice advisories are not intended to establish clinical practice guidelines, to reflect standards of practice for surgeons or to provide medical advice or make any claim concerning the diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease or condition of any person. Practice advisories may not be updated to reflect changes in surgical practice occurring after their approval date.