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About AHS

The mission of the American Hernia Society is to advance the science and treatment of hernia. The vision of the American Hernia Society is to be the worldwide authority on hernia surgery.

AHS Committees

The American Hernia Society comprises many committees and task forces that engage a lot of our members. The committees and additional committee information are provided below. If you have any questions or would like to become part of an AHS Committee, please email

Committee Name
Abdominal Core HealthChair: David Krpata
Co-Chair: Archana Ramaswamy
To advance the concept of abdominal core health
Advocacy Health Policy Task ForceChair: John Fischer
Co-Chair: Michelle Loor
Co-Chair: J. Scott Roth
Increase AHS opportunities for advocacy and policy
Annual MeetingChair: David Chen
Co-Chair: Jeff Janis
Coordinate Annual Clinical Meeting
AwardsChair: President-Elect 
BylawsChair: David WebbReview Bylaws every five years and amend Bylaws as directed by the Board
Code of Conduct Task ForceChair: Brent MatthewsEnsure the AHS maintains the highest standard of conduct in its operations
CommunicationsChair: Talar TeijiranCreate and disseminate AHS information through multimedia
Conflict of Interest Task ForceChair: Andrew Wright
Co-Chair: Dana Telem
Maintain the highest standard in declaring and managing conflicts of interest
Diversity/InclusivityChair: Gina Adrales
Co-Chair: Chike Chukwumah
Improve the diversity of AHS, to build a culture that allows for the inclusion of underrepresented groups within the organization, to provide an avenue for reporting of discriminatory action/language at the AHS meetings to facilitate change and to oversee the Inclusivity and Non-Discrimination Advisory Council
EducationChair: Vedra Augenstein
Co-Chair: Conrad Ballecer
To provide comprehensive and evidence based education for hernia repair
Fellowship Council LiaisonChair: Ajita Prabhu
Co-Chair: Jake Greenberg
Advocacy for fellowship training
FinanceChair: TreasurerEnsure the financial viability of the AHS
Grants/AwardsChair: Jeremy Warren
Co-Chair: J. Scott Roth
Oversee grant requests, create review panels for grant applications, select final grant awards
Hernia Prevention Task ForceChair: William Hope
Co-Chair: John Fischer
Co-Chair: Hobart Harris
To find solutions and educate surgeons in hopes of eliminating incisional hernias
International RelationsChair: Flavio Malcher
Co-Chair: Leandro Totti
Formalize and enhance relationships with our members in the Americas
MembershipChair: Hobart Harris
Co-Chair: William Hope
Grow private practice and academic membership
Mesh Labeling Task ForceChair: Jeff BlatnikWork with industry, the FDA and surgeons to create a standardized mesh label: Long term goal: more consistant understanding of mesh to create transparency
NominatingChair: Immediate Past PresidentTo select the slate of officers for leadership in the AHS
Patient AdvocacyChair: Shirin Towfigh
Co-Chair: Bruce Ramshaw
To best represent the needs of patients facing Hernia and Hernia-related conditions
Practice AdvisoryChair: Yuri Novitsky
Co-Chair: John Fischer
Advisories on mesh litigation
ERAS hernia
Role of robotics
Best Practices in Coding Myofacial Release
Resident/FellowsChair: David Krpata
Co-Chair: Clayton Petro
To enhance resident understanding of abdominal wall diseases through education, fostering research opportunities and increasing involvement in the society