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John Fischer, MD

It has been a privilege to serve on the Board of Directors for the past three years. I have experience as a member of numerous committees, leading several committees and task forces, and in helping steer the AHS towards a society-defining transition in management organization. Since joining AHS as a resident, I have co-chaired the Hernia Prevention Taskforce and Practice Advisory Committee, been an AHS representative for the International Hernia Guidelines and been the AHS representative to the AMA House of Delegates, which is culminating now in the AHS becoming a formal voting member of the House of Delegates. I bring integrity, passion, experience and loyalty which will serve this Board well. My experience and success on the Board serves as validation of my maturity, hard work and team-player attitude and my background in plastic surgery is a critical perspective I uniquely bring to the Board. I humbly ask to serve this society's membership as a Director for three more years.